Vital Parameter Star

Vital Parameter Star


A course project led by Prof. Richard Buchanan.

Problem & Challenges

Hospitals in 21st century are facing a dilemma. It is requiring more and more intensive use of information technology and clinical informatics to acquire and manage data, transform the data to actionable information, and then disseminate this information so that it can be effectively used to improve patient care. 
Inside ICUs (Intense Care Unit), this need shows even more obviously. ICUs require extreme critical care about patients. Although the amount of data collected from the patient demand immediate, precise and accurate decision making procedure, doctors and nurses today are going through a jungle of cables, screens, softwares and even more retro options like papers and charts to help them make the best decisions. 
The goal of this project is to develop an innovative approach to collect, process and demonstrate datas for doctors, nurses and even patients and their families to create a better user experience that surrounds the ICUs inside the hospital. 

Our team investigated various approach and came out with a distinctive way to demonstrate data, Vital Parameter Star. This way not only helps doctors to make decisions but also help patients and families to know conditions even without medical knowledges. 


Initial analysis

In order to know better about an ICU, the class was divided into multiple groups based on 5 different categories, which are user, interaction, environment, information and process. Our team took over the environment part. 

Firstly, we made our trip to University Hospital’s ICUs to achieve some basic understanding. When developing a new system for people working in a hospital, an interview with doctor is essential. Therefore, we also interviewed Dr. Georgia. 


Based on brainstorming and discussion within our group, I created following two charts to show the connection of elements embraced in both physical and virtual environment.

Ideation and solution

After all the preparations, the entire class brainstormed a sum of 22 potential solutions. Here are four proposals we gave within our group. 


Our team integrated different ideas into one single proposal that represents our team, the Vital Parameter Star. This VPS system consists of 6 basic parameters about a patient. The white hexagon shows what is the current data, a light grey color shows the most recent historical data. Red doted line shows the lower and upper limit boundary of a normal individual. Any data fall out of the range indicates abnormal stat that requires immediate caring. 


The team also incorporate a 3D side view of this hexagon cylinder, showing the comparison of a longer historical data to the typical healthy stat.


Final outcome

giphy (2).gif
giphy (1).gif

Upon initial ideation, a sliding bar was added on the bottom to quickly adjust the time interval for further checks. Numbers were also marked on different categories to show a clearer view.