Meow, an app for cats and their lovers.

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Meow is an app dedicated to cat lovers. The goal of this app is to connect people who don't have cats as their pets. Meow creates a platform for them to check their beloved cats instantly. Also, Meow also link cat owners together with messaging function.

*Another target for Meow is to shamelessly provide hot girls with cats for guys.* The business plan for Meow may be shifted progressively, from cats to girls, spanning a long period to transform.

Now the team has 7 members. I am in charge of making the UX/UI for Meow. 

Initial study and functionality

Initial wireframes

Initial wireframes

With the coming of iOS11, I heavily used elements within iOS11, such as rounded corner rectangles, bold titles and limited use of colors. User should focus more contents created by other users.


I was brought to this project by the project coordinator Alber. He was highly interested in my previous experience as the founder of Greyfish Designs. 
At the initial stage of this project, Meow was limited with three main pages, Feed, Shoot and Profile.

The Feed page consists of Today’s picks. Based on algorithm, three top pick pictures were pushed to every user. After that, it has the discover function for more pictures showing.

The Shoot page is straight-forward, providing upload entry for users.

The profile page is about personal homepage, setting and notifications.

It is my first time to coordinate with front-end engineer, back-end engineer and project manager to finish a actual product. Standup meeting was held twice a week. We reported our progress on the project. 

Size & spacing annotations

Size & spacing annotations

Screen connections

Screen connections

Right now the app is still being developed. The team is about to release the first version on Appstore in less than 6 weeks, October 2017. Instead of elaborating about detailing of the product, the team agreed on releasing the product as soon as possible to gather user feedback and stats. Based on information, including search appearance, time spent, user backgrounds, gathered from releasing, iteration can be forwarded based on the first version. The team also contacted several popular users on Instagram who post cat contents. They agreed to create contents on Meow. The team is looking forward the next move.

Early prototype demonstration. Still under development.

Early prototype demonstration. Still under development.